Mental health support for mothers

Often referred to as perinatal mental health, the services below are a definitive list of what's available to women both before and after birth. We know from experience it's not always easy but please do try to talk to your doctor, midwife or health visitor if you can.

Thanks to Dr Sarah Witcombe-Hayes, NSPCC Cymru/ Wales for researching this list.

Birth Story Listeners

Conwy, North Wales

Offering support and befriending to women who experienced a traumatic birth or perinatal mental health difficulties, through online peer support groups and small befriending groups in the community.

Families Together Project (Family Action & Atal Y Fro)

Pan Wales

For further information please email or call 02902 789732.

Supporting families through volunteer-led tailored peer support, designed to improve parents emotional and mental health, reduce social isolation and improve the attachment relationship between parent and baby.

Making Mums Matter, MIND

Powys, Mid Wales

A post-natal service supporting mums to manage the everyday, nurture themselves and dispel the many myths of motherhood.

Pre and Post Natal Depression Advice and Support (PANDAS)

Risca & Swansea Support Groups

Providing help and support to parents and their families experiencing perinatal mental illness, through local and online support groups, and a helpline

PMH Cymru

Cardiff, South Wales

Taking a family approach to perinatal mental health difficulties by offering a ‘wrap around’ service, prevention and early intervention in the community


North Wales

Supporting women and their families who have suffered from postpartum psychosis or depression, through a monthly drop in support group, one to one sessions, and awareness raising

Swansea Trauma Support

South Wales

Helping women affected by trauma, by offering a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) recovery programme, independent professional advocacy, and private counselling.

Some solid tips for worn-out new mums. Source unknown.

Some solid tips for worn-out new mums. Source unknown.