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Image credit: The Spectator

Image credit: The Spectator

The Spectator

How do we ensure women aren’t penalised for becoming parents?

There’s a moment of realisation that comes to all parent’s post-baby: the flash back to those thoughts we all have that ‘having a baby won’t change us’. I wasn’t going to let my kids watch TV, eat sweets or be ‘that mum’ who cracks open a snack mid shop. Then it came, that thought at the check-out as I handed over an empty pack to the woman with a knowing smile: some elements of parenting are simply not understood until they are lived. The biggest of them all is how on earth we balance parenting and work.

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BBC Wales

Flexible working: can Wales lead the world in gender equality?

With brilliant support and hard work from Anna Whitehouse (aka Mother Pukka) we got Wales talking about flexible working with our #flexappeal flashmob

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Nation Cymru

Wales should lead the way on flexible employment to help mothers return to work.

Unaffordable childcare and a lack of flexible employment are the bricks and mortar of the wall that stop mothers returning to work.


March of the Mummies

We supported the national campaign by Pregnant Then Screwed with our Cardiff march, calling time on the ancient employment rights for mothers.